Sunday, 16 May 2010

A new model of administration.

The model is based on comprehension that valuable individuals are the most important resource on Earth, more important than gold or land or technology.

In the proposed model the residents will have the right of free move therefore the right to choose an administration authority for their particular living conditions offered; in this way selection will replace election. There will not be an election day on every few years, instead, the selection from the residents for a specific authority can happen every day. The administrations that will fail to make its residents happy will shrink and eventually will disappear. In this way the best administrations will be selected naturally.

The relationship between an administrative authority and the people will be similar to a business relationship. The new model will work as a business: the administration authority will gather resources and will provide the service. The resource that will be gathered is valuable people and the service that will be provided is living conditions.
An important observation is that accumulating and keeping the most important resource will not require brute force any more.

The size of geographic territory for administration should be given by the number of residents that have chosen to live under this administration.
As long as the surface of the land is big enough for the residents to put their value into practice, the size of the land is not important.

The residents will contribute to the administration for the living conditions in a way that is decided or negotiated with the administration.
The administration will do its best to keep the valuable residents happy by providing better and better living conditions. In this way the motivation of administration to satisfy the residents will exists at all time and not only before the elections.